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Northern Wildness Riding Trail

Adventurous travellers can journey through the mountains of this region on horseback, discovering hidden valleys, lush forests, and pristine rivers along the way. The experience of riding a Garrano horse allows visitors to immerse themselves in the natural habitat of this unique breed.

Holiday Description

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure that will take you on a journey through one of the most breathtaking national parks in Europe on horseback? If so, then our all-inclusive horse riding holiday to the stunning Peneda-Gerês National Park in Portugal is just what you need!

Throughout the duration of this incredible horse riding holiday, you will get to experience the beauty of Northern Portugal as you explore its wonders on horseback. Northern Portugal is home to an abundance of stunning natural landscapes, including ancient forests, cascading waterfalls, soaring mountains, serene rivers, and much more. With the guidance of expert horse riders, you will get to explore all of these natural wonders while immersing yourself in the local culture, cuisine, and way of life.

But what makes this horse riding holiday truly unique is the chance to get up close and personal with the Garrano, a rare breed of wild horses that are native to the region. You will get the opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat as you ride through the park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Our horse riding holiday is all-inclusive, making it easy for you to relax and enjoy every moment of your unique adventure. The package includes quality horses, accommodation, and meals, as well as transfers to and from your lodging. You will also receive expert horse riding lessons, so even if you are a beginner, you can experience the thrill of exploring the National Park on horseback. So, whether you are an experienced horse rider or a beginner, this all-inclusive horse riding holiday is the perfect opportunity to explore the stunning beauty of the National Park and to deepen your connection with nature by getting up close and personal with wild horses. Don't miss out on this adventure of a lifetime!

Holiday Gallery
Holiday Itinerary

Arrival Day:

Welcome at the airport and then transfer by Car/Minibus from Porto (Portugal) or Vigo (Spain) to the Equestrian Center. You will tour the stables and you will meet all the horses. After settling into your comfortable accommodations and enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal

Day 1:

After breakfast and preparing the horses, you will journey to the area entrance to the National Park. You will see castles, view mountain plains, and discover where the wild horses live. There will be amazing landscapes of old traditional stone mountain villages along the way. Lunch will be at a local mountain Picnic, followed by a horse-riding trail that leads to pre-historical remains of old civilizations. The horses will remain here overnight and you will return to the equestrian centre to have dinner at the Quinta typical Portuguese meal.

Day 2:

After breakfast, return to your horses and continue your journey. Our exploration will take us uphill to plains of old pasture fields and the home of wild horses. We can view the various other wildlife along the way. Our journey continues along trails of natural scenery through the day. We will ride through old commerce trails between mountain villages. Our views will be from 1000 meters of altitude where the horizon is free from human presence. Picnic Lunch takes place near a mountain lake and is followed by a journey that takes us down to the ancient Trail. Return to the Quinta for dinner and a good night sleep.

Day 3

After breakfast, return to your horses and begin the journey along the valley countryside’s farming fields and oak forests. You will arrive at the Vez river shores and follow the fisherman trails back down a historical town of the region. Your lunch will be at a Portuguese tavern. Depending on the river level, you may cross the river with the horses or make a detour to the nearest old bridge. You will depart to the Equestrian Center and then stable the horses to rest. You can enjoy relaxation followed by the evening dinner at a Portuguese restaurant.

Day 4

After breakfast and preparing the horses, the journey starts in the direction of the woods above the Equestrian Center. This is a protected area called “Corno de Bico”. The trails are full of forest wildlife, including: wild horses, mountain cows, foxes, wild boars, and even deer & wolves. We will enjoy lunch in a local tavern in the heart of a small and wonderful village with only 6 houses and 16 inhabitants. Afterwards, the journey continues uphill to a view that includes wide open clean air, beautiful skies, and the Atlantic coast. Your next horse-riding destination is into the core of the protected landscape of Corno de Bico. Descending from the forest scenery, you will take a trail that leads to the old village of Bico. You will leave the horses in the fields where they can rest and recover and head back to the Stables at our Quinta for dinner and a peaceful night rest.

Day 5

Transfer in the morning to pick up your horses in the field and prepare them for the next adventure. You will explore the protected Natural Reserve, within the park you will be able to sense the untouched beauty of nature, free from human footprint and even find herds of wild horses. You will carry your meals in the saddle bags of the horses and will take a break at the charming village along the way, where we will enjoy our lunch. After lunch, trail back to Bico to allow the horses to rest in the field one more night, whilst you head back to the Quinta to enjoy a lovely meal and rest too.

Day 6

You will head to meet the horses and prepare them for the day. You will ride to another wonderful landscape, through the old forestry guards trail, exploring the beauty that is preserved and cared for. You will see the shelters of the wild horses and see them grazing on their pasture grounds. After lunch, the journey continues as you start descending towards the Quinta for a relaxed late afternoon, where you will have the chance to enjoy the pool and dinner at a Portuguese restaurant.

Departure Day

After breakfast you will say farewell to the horses and place all luggage in the transfer vehicle.10:00am Depart to (Portuguese airport) Porto or (Spanish) Vigo Airport.

What's Included

✅ Meet & Greet at airport

✅ Transfer to Equestrian Centre

✅ 7 Nights Accommodation

✅ Breakfast, lunch & dinner

✅ All Equipment provided

✅ Transfer to and from start/end points during the riding activities

✅ Access to all facilities (swimming pool, tennis court, etc.)

✅ Activity Insurance

What's Not Included